Types of doors-Guide to Door Types and Styles |

by vickyguo on Jun 28, 2021

Types of doors-Guide to Door Types and Styles |

This guide is a simple introduction to the various types of doors used in homes to understand the types of doors used in homes so that you can make the right decision when purchasing. Make your home full of beauty and style.


Bi-fold doors fold shut within the door frame which saves space on a door that opens traditionally. The door doesn’t open into or out of the room, the two sections of the door just fold left or right. There’s a pivot hinge on the frame and no track on the floor so there’s no hazards or obstructions to young children or wheelchair users, for example.

JELD-WEN 24 in. x 80 in. Colonist Primed Textured Molded Composite MDF  Closet Bi-Fold Door-THDJW160600147 - The Home Depot


A composite door is a door that’s made from a mixture of materials to give strength and durability to the construction. For doors this make-up usually includes a solid timber or a particle board core which is set inside a wooden frame and faced with a GRP coating. Composite doors are inexpensive and virtually maintenance free.


Concertina doors are similar to bi-fold doors except they feature more than one fold and they don’t have hinges. They’re usually manufactured from strong PVCu so they can fold and unfold in varying sections depending on the width of the door. These types of doors are more commonly found in kitchen pantries, walk-in wardrobes and other storage or utility areas.

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Dowel doors are made from many pieces that are all manufactured separately. Throughout manufacture, round dowel holes are left in the timber so they can all be jointed together using dowels. The dowel holes are filled with glue and the dowels are inserted. Then the door is placed in a press until dry.


Flush doors are plain, flat doors that have no design features on either side. They’re very simple and elegant, with high quality manufacture and varnishes available to give many different final finishes.


Hardwood doors are dense, strong and durable thanks to the timber they’re manufactured from. Hardwood is more resistant to decay and because it’s more durable, it’s more suitable than softwood for use externally. External hardwood doors can feature a lovely high-density grain finish due to the nature of the wood. Common hardwoods are beech, walnut, mahogany, and oak.


A stable door is most commonly found to and from a kitchen thanks to their make-up. These types of doors open in half so they can be opened at just the top or just the bottom. Stable doors are perfect for letting air into a kitchen without letting out small children, or pets!


Regardless of the types of doors you are considering,  they all serve the same purpose, which is to provide privacy, safety, and security to the people living in a house. Thus, they need to be strong and difficult to break. However, one thing people tend to ignore is that doors also set the tone for the rest of your home décor.

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