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    I’m a big believer in details… they make or break a space. I notice all too often plumbing fixtures or hardware being an afterthought or nuisance to purchase, using what’s left of the budget at the end of a project. Plumbing fixtures really bring a space to life, add character, and should be paid careful attention to. Today I’m tackling common questions about widespread faucets.


    I think of faucets as sculptural pieces of art for your bath or powder room. I prefer wide mount faucets because they are one of the most common types of plumbing fixtures and you have lever controls for BOTH hot and cold (rather than a joystick). They also feel a bit more timeless. Single hole faucets in a bathroom can often read ultra mood if you’re not careful.

Questions to ask yourself prior to purchasing a faucet:

  • What aesthetic am I looking for (modern, traditional, etc)?
  • What type of sink will be installed with the faucet (under mount, vessel, a certain shape, etc)?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is this faucet efficient or am I concerned about water conservation?
  • What does the installation process look like? Will I need extra plumbing fittings or are they included (valves, drains, overflows, etc)?
  • Who will be using this space? For instance, a children’s bathroom might require a faucet that temperature can be monitored or set.
  • Will splashing be an issue? It’s important to consider the angle of the spout, the height of the fixture, the shape of the sink, etc.
  • What finish am I looking for? Does this finish require maintenance (like living brass)?

    There aren’t many “value” widespread faucets that come in a good brass finish. You can easily find chrome or nickel, but sourcing a cheap matte black or antique brass is more difficult… that just comes with the territory and price point.

    A good way to mix the budget options is by juxtaposing a more expensive material elsewhere- like a marble countertop or statement tile.

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets -

    Personally, in regards to “trends” and widespread plumbing fixtures- I think we’ll be seeing more traditional options in the coming years, and can without a doubt answer that things are moving back toward the classics.

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