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Often your personality and design aesthetic comes out most vibrantly in the details that you choose. The bathroom is one space that you’ll definitely want to make personal because it’s where you get ready for your day, relax after a long week or primp for a fun night out. Of course this space needs to be functional in its design, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Smaller details like the bathroom faucets come in a variety of options with different styles, looks and materials for you to choose from so you can make this room fit the theme you’re after as well as your personality.

Consider Making the Investment
It’s important to pay for quality. While the price tag up front may be more than you had initially budgeted for, the truth is that spending a little extra now is bound to save you money in the long run. Poorer quality faucets may require additional visits from a plumber or even a replacement if an issue arises. The source suggests opting for brass faucets or polished chrome, which are timeless and suitable for a variety of design themes. Oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets are a unique color and can provide more an old-world feel in this space.

Choose the Type of Faucet

There are four major types of bathroom faucets for your sink. A widespread faucet provides you with separate hot and cold handles that sit independent of the spout. This type of faucet can be mounted on the countertop or sink with three holes spaced 8 to 18 inches from one side to the other.

Centerset faucets are more compact and are mounted in three holes that are 4 inches apart from side to side. The spout and the hot and cold handles in this option are all connected.

A wall-mounted faucet is, as the name suggests, installed onto the wall above the sink. This type works best if you have an under-mount, wall-mount and vessel sink, and it creates a streamline look with cleaner countertops.

The last choice is a single-handle faucet, which allows for control over the temperature and amount of water with just one handle above the spout.

Keep the rest of the space in mind
When choosing a sink faucet, you want to keep the other details in mind, especially those that are metal. The sink faucet should match or go with the shower/tub faucet, towel racks, toilet paper holder and any other metals you have in this space. Using the same style and/or material makes for a cohesive, put together and well-designed look.

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