Is An Electric Fireplace Right For You?

by Albert Lucas on Dec 24, 2021

Is an electric fireplace right for you? - Boyel Living

Let's talk about it!

Electric fireplaces are gaining traction among homeowners. Does this mean that an electric fireplace is right for you? Let's take a look at its benefits: (don't worry, we'll call out the drawbacks too)

They are great for those who want to change or add to the style of their fireplace while retaining warmth, and do not require building a permanent appliance (either wood burning or gas), including no longer having to spend extra labor and expense to install a chimney or vent to the exterior for remodeling. Because these are electric devices that don't really melt anything (they just simulate a flame), they don't bring in carbon dioxide or emit potentially toxic fumes. You can use an electric fireplace by simply plugging the unit into a standard 120-volt outlet and pressing a button.

These devices can be developed and designed with a fence and a fireplace border to make them look more realistic. They can be installed where a traditional fireplace would otherwise be, or just stand relative to the wall, a situation that means no tools are needed for installation. So this simplicity and convenience is what makes many people interested in these home appliances. In addition, they can be installed in locations where traditional fireplaces or wood-burning stoves cannot be placed. For example, placing an electric fireplace in a trailer or a high-rise apartment is not a problem at all.

Well, let's talk about the disadvantages of electric fireplaces. First, these electric fireplaces are usually used as a heating system to beautify a space. Many people buy electric fireplaces more for the ambiance and to make it a highlight in the whole space. If all you want is heat, as well as you don't mind paying the electrical energy bill to get it, you can get a simple heating system for much less money. However, they do work as heaters, but the amount of heat supplied may not be as much as some people need.

These fireplaces also had a negative review in the early days of their introduction because they didn't look very real. After all, nothing really burns inside an electric fireplace, so it doesn't look like a snapping and crackling wood fire. However, technological innovations continue to step up, and electric fireplaces now use random filtered lighting to mimic glowing ash and flame patterns, making it look much more realistic and come in a variety of different patterns and colors.

Now we've discussed the benefits and drawbacks of electric fireplaces in general, but there are a growing number of specific benefits, such as some with built-in fans that disperse heat more thoroughly; those with air filtration systems that clean the air as they heat; and some with a no-heat feature, meaning you can just see the flickering flames without generating heat. Apparently most devices now have remote control (heaven forbid we need to get off the couch to turn on the fireplace).

OK, you want to know about cost? Electric fireplaces are cheaper than gas fireplaces and you can get a pretty good model for around $400 - $500 (depending on size requirements of course). Search in Boyel Living now!

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