To answer these questions, please know more about the origin of our brand and brand store.

Brand Origin & Development

Boyel Living Brand was established in 2019, the trademark registration company for the brand is Brightening House Inc, which is a fast-growing B2C e-commerce company. We started our brand development journey by entering major e-commerce furniture marketplaces such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Lowe's, etc., and have grown in leaps and bounds and gained popularity.
Boyel Living Brand Store at Wayfair&HomeDepot&Lowes
So, based on the love and support of our customers, we decided to build our brand store:, which is our Official Website.

Change of Brand Logo

With the passage of time, our brand logo also has a new change:

From the initial brand logo to the new brand logo that has accompanied the growth of our brand, our new brand design retains a real sense of simplicity and design, just like the product attributes we seek.

The y and g are connected to form the shape of a home. All letters have their own meaning, if you want to know more about what our brand stands for, click to explore.

We want our furniture products to make our customers' houses become real homes and live the best. Boyel Living loves to find our Customers great products at an affordable price while striving to provide excellent Customer Service.

Brand Strength

  • We have strong supply chains and an experienced operation team.
  • Selection of fast and high-quality logistics services. Ensuring that customers receive their purchases on time and quickly.
  • We have multiple warehouses throughout the western, central, and eastern United States, as well as Canada.
  • High standard of production in pursuit of high-quality products. Free after-sales service under warranty.
  • One hundred percent effort to provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service.